Language exchange

Language exchange is an effective way of practicing language by having conversations and chatting with other people who speak your target language.

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Find friends easily

Lingotil is a simple language exchange app to find friends to practice your new language. You can find native speakers and improve your speaking skills by having free conversations.

No worries about privacy

We care about your privacy and don't need or ask for unnecessary permissions, don't collect your private info. We don't disturb you by sending tedious notifications and emails.

How it works

Since our users have free 5000 credits without a time limit and there are no subscriptions, you don't have to worry about unexpected payments. Moreover, when a user sends a message to another user for the first time, the receiver earns ten free credits. Just enjoy your free credits to find friends and send messages. If you need more credits, you can buy 10K, 25K, and 50K credits easily for once.

Shortly, every user has 5K free credits at the beginning. The first message in a conversation costs 100 credits, and following every message costs two credits.

Find conversation exchange partners

Finding conversation partners is one of the most effective ways of practicing your target language for free. Even after spending time learning vocabulary and grammar years, people are struggling with speaking because of not having anyone to practice speaking. You can use Lingotil to reach the right people for your goals. So you correct your mistakes, improve your pronunciation and get confident when you are in action.